experimental short

From the get-go, I wanted to make a documentary-style film, but with a more interesting visual than just consistently alternating similar shots. The transitions between shots became important to me. For a long time, I thought about how I could imagine this. Everywhere I went, I filmed anything eye-catching for 20-30 seconds on my phone. The footage was relatively similar: I'm riding in the car, sitting at home or walking in the woods or by the sea.

Every day, small ideas came to me at different times. For example, when Kristel and Liisa showed their videos in Ene-Liis' video class and we weren’t able to see them as we were supposed to, because the videos were lagging. Or, for example, the moment your eyes twitch and the image you saw runs back and forth for a few seconds. Or when I bought a Bounty candybar at a kiosk on the beach and asked my friend for the day, Friday? In fact, it was already Monday. The cashier laughed with us.

PÖFF Shorts national competition 2020 - official selection

FISH Film Festival 2021 – OSTSEEFISH prize winner