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This is a film you need to watch with your eyes closed. Yes, with your eyes closed. This film has no sound. All you can see and hear is your imagination.

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The first idea came from the desire to film different parts of different people's bodies and then put them together as one person, as if one of Lev Kuleshov's editing rules had gone wrong. I went and filmed all the body parts of people close to me, sat down to put them all together, and what happened was that it wasn't a single image of a person, but an interaction between them. 

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I jumped between two meanings: campaign and company. The image documents a sudden feeling of confusion and drowsiness, while the sound is a random recording from the street, where young drunk men offer car wash flyers at a tram stop. 

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From the get-go, I wanted to make a documentary-style film, but with a more interesting visual than just consistently alternating similar shots. The transitions between shots became important to me. For a long time, I thought about how I could imagine this. Everywhere I went, I filmed anything eye-catching for 20-30 seconds on my phone. The footage was relatively similar: I'm riding in the car, sitting at home or walking in the woods or by the sea.

Every day, small ideas came to me at different times. For example, when Kristel and Liisa showed their videos in Ene-Liis' video class and we weren’t able to see them as we were supposed to, because the videos were lagging. Or, for example, the moment your eyes twitch and the image you saw runs back and forth for a few seconds. Or when I bought a Bounty candybar at a kiosk on the beach and asked my friend for the day, Friday? In fact, it was already Monday. The cashier laughed with us.

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Film authors: Alesja Suzdaltseva and Anita Kremm

A man in his retirement age is still dedicated to his favorite activity.

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