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Memento Mori


Memento Mori is a participatory performance that deals with the theme of Death. How do we, as individuals and society, deal with the fact that we will all come to an inevitable end? How does the quality of our presence and experience of life become affected by the fact that we constantly forget that we will all die? 


Memento Mori is an invitation to come and perform your last dance with your own death. A danse macabre where prime ministers, supermarket cashiers, vagabonds, CEOs, elders, healthy young athletes, fools, and erudites alike join in. Regardless of your status, wealth, or accomplishments in life, death comes equally for everyone.


This piece is born from fear. From the fear of forgetting. From the fear of being at my deathbed and realizing that “when I was alive I saw nothing of life”.


Dance. Dance at last. 

Oh, dance, dance to your last.

Your last breath. Dance. 

When Death comes, may it find us alive.


Created by: Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra and Anita Kremm

Performer: Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra

Video artist: Anita Kremm

Sound artist: Kymbali Williams

A Safe Space For Male Bodies


Performers: Philipp Finsterer, Christoph Griesser, Selman Kličić, Gordan Kukić, Kenneth Constance Loe, Johannes Mayrhofer, Peter Roll, Marwin Strutz
Concept: Giacomo Veronesi, Sammy Van den Heuvel, Anita Kremm
Physical work: Giacomo Veronesi
Space: Sammy Van den Heuvel
Media design: Anita Kremm

Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’22 


In the performance for the spaces of Neue Galerie Graz’s BRUSEUM, Veronesi collaborates with a group of men who have been trained in the Austrian military service, the Bundesheer, drawing upon his background in experimental theater and acting techniques. Creating a “safe space” in precarious times, he invites the audience to take a closer look at the shifting perception of the male, potentially militarized body in the context of an approaching war.

The performance challenges the images of heroism and masculinity associated with the military and explores the incomprehensible contradictions of young male bodies that might be trained, armed, and finally destroyed in the name of peace.

Giacomo Veronesi, A Safe Space for Male Bodies (2022), performance, photo: Clara Wildberger

You Have Only One Minute


The fashion collection“ You Have Only One Minute” is in its nature rather anti-fashion. The game is based on the sense of composition, speed, and the courage to make decisions. There is no time for long pondering, the silhouette needs to be ready in seconds. Therefore, the decisions for creating it are born somewhere in our ‘’reptilian brain’’ i.e. on our subconscious level. What drew our interest in the challenge was finding out where the border between conscious and subconscious fashion creation runs. How much are the creations created on the spot influenced by something that we already know in the back of our minds or carry with us unconsciously? 


Our game, which might seem simple at first glance, is actually quite complex after concentrating on it longer. Its aim is to create functioning artistic compositions, and at the same time carry out an experiment on the creativity of humanity’s shared consciousness and our subconscious taste preferences. It’s a game, for establishing that no new items are created. What we do, however, are endless combinations of different elements which offer the viewers both the nostalgic joy of recognition and an opportunity to think along.


“You Have Only One Minute” is a live performance, lasting 30-40 minutes. All garments presented during the show will be assembled on stage, in front of the audience, from various ready-made (recycled) clothes.

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